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Covenant Point Bible Camp

Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula just three miles north of the Wisconsin border, Covenant Point is a Covenant camp. Its’ mission is to present each camper with the claims of Jesus Christ upon their life and to encourage them in their next step of faith.

Its open year-round and can accommodate a maximum of 190 people for residential groups. The camp is now owned directly by the Central Conference of the Covenant Church , which serves the churches of Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

The camp’s property is a thirteen acre peninsula on Hagerman Lake – a spring-fed, 585 acre lake. Adjacent to thousands of acres of Ottawa National Forest, their “Back 40″ wilderness area is largely undeveloped, but is home to their high and low ropes courses, and Nature Center. They also have an eight-acre island sits one mile off their mainland shore and serves as a unique wilderness setting for youth camps.

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Covenant Point offers seven weeks of summer camp from June to August each year for grades 2-12 and families. The summer camp program includes both camps on site on their mainland and island facilities, and a trips program.

They also offer seasonal retreats in both the fall and winter for grades 4-6, Junior High, Senior High, Men’s and Women’s retreats. These retreats emphasize the camp mission to present the gospel message of Jesus to campers, to challenge them to take ownership of their faith, and to encourage them to grow as Christians. Speakers, activities, and games help create an atmosphere that is exciting and separate from the everyday world, an environment in which faith can be reflected upon and refreshed.

The rest of the year, camp is available to private groups and churches for residential retreats and day programs.

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